Emotions and Support on Facebook: Survey of Experiences

I am hoping you will have a few minutes to take a 15 question survey for me.

My research investigates how Facebook users share their emotions, experiences, and seek out support through Facebook. In particular, my project will focus on the contemporary extension of the grieving process into the digital space of Facebook.

This survey is part of my dissertation fieldwork research. As a cultural anthropologist, I am interested in what people believe, how people behave, and what meaning they give their words and actions. I am exploring how death and grief are dealt with on Facebook. I am investigating how people talk about death, remember the dead, and talk to the dead on Facebook. You can read more about this study on the project’s website https://facebookshrines.com/.

Data produced for this project will include online questionnaires, semi-structured interviews, and analysis of Facebook messages, images, and videos which relate to grief. The data collected will be analyzed and utilized in writing my Ph.D. dissertation. The results of this research will be presented at academic conferences, in academic publications, and to the general public through my professional blog http://sydneyyeager.org/, my website for this project https://facebookshrines.com/ and in public talks.

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